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DoesData is an independent, international foundation that manages all details of our breed. It is not
owned by a single breed club but is a shared project of several clubs, the affiliates:

DSK (Dansk Schapendoes Klub)
SKK (Schweizerischer Schapendoes Klub)
IGS (Interessengemeinschaft Schapendoes e.V.)
VNS (Vereniging de Nederlandse Schapendoes)
NSK (Norsk Schapendoes Klubb)
SCC (Schapendoes Club of Canada)

SSK (Svenska Schapendoesklubben) trial member

SCN (de Schapendoesclub Nederland) trial member

LSHSK (Letzebuerger Schapendoes, herdershond and Saarloos Klub) trial member

SSR (Suomen Schapendoes ry) trial member

ABNF (Association des Bergers Néerlandais de France) trial member

Official articles of association can be found here.

The software is created by ZooEasy.

It provides pedigrees, pictures, show reports, health data, Mean Kinship calculations, but also the
history since the breed was “founded” by Toepoel. DoesData collects all data that comes to us via
official channels or is actively retrieved via official channels. Health data can only be accepted if it is
provided by the owner or breeder of a dog, if possible, with veterinary reports.

Because of the international character the standard language in Doesdata is English.


A basic account provides access to all pedigrees and all publicly available health records. Many photos, inventories, show reports and other information has been added to the Schapendoezen from the early days.

There is also the possibility to buy a breeders account. In a basic account you can retrieve data but not
store information. The breeders account provides the opportunity to make private notes and upload
and save attachments. These personal notes are strictly confidential. If your account is terminated the
personal notes will automatically be deleted.s



The two main bodies of Doesdata are the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors. Roles and responsibilities are stated in the Articles of Association

Supervisory Board

Each affiliate appoints a member for the supervisory board. The current SB consists of:

Netherlands (VNS), Marjolein Flobbe (President) 

Norway, Thor K. Johnsen (Vice-President) 


Germany, Hans Jacobs


Canada, Claude Ethier


Denmark, Nis Crone Köser 


Switzerland, Marinke Ruijs

Board of Directors

Christiane Weingarte (Treasurer)


Carlian Brauckmann (Country/Clubmanager contact)


Sonja Brinker


Cindy Kerssemeijer

Cecilia Wahlstedt


Paula Nuij

Club Managers

Data is entered according to strict protocols, by managers assigned per club. For countries who have not joined Doesdata (yet) representatives from Doesdata-members are appointed who enter data for the specific population:


Claude Ethier


Maria Sørensen


Minna Jussila

Minna Nikander

Anniina Kallioniemi


Christina Weingarte

Netherlands (VNS) & Luxemburg

Els Rooijakkers

Netherlands (Club)

Karin Jansen


Inger Anette Backer


Cecilia Wahlstedt

Ulrika Hallberg Lüning


Ruth Knuchel

Non-member representative:


Marjolein Flobbe 

Data Assistants

Lizette Allart - Bremmers

Jolande v.d. Berg

Irma Thissen

Karin Bakker

Godelieve de Wit

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